Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting

Last Saturday night, Weenie and I went over to Mel and Karn's for some wine and wine appetizers. They had quite a spread. Cheese galore and dips. Yum! Afterwards, we headed up to the Monkey to meet our friends and hear Susan Marshall. As you can see, we had a good time!

As if we hadn't had enough, we walked across the parking lot to Backstreet. It was dead. We walked to back and there were a few guys singing karaoke. Perfect. We got beers and sat down. It wasn't long before Dyna was singing a duet with one of the guys. Don't Go Breaking My Heart. It's a true story. I've racked my brain trying to remember the other songs they sang. I know Material Girl was done and then for the finale, Mel sang Music by Madonna. Again, true story.

Another beer?They had to kick us out. Karoake is fun! True story.

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