Friday, October 31, 2008

Stone Temple Pilots

Last night we went and saw Scott Weiland in all his glory. He wailed and danced for 2 hours. It was fucking awesome and the light show was jawdroppingly stunning. It was almost sensory overload. Brilliant. We started out at the Blue Monkey. DP made me have 3 shooters. Wow.

Then we had a cooler in the car. God forbid we be beerless!

This picture was taken by Mooey's phone while me and Weenie went for beers. We had to wait about 90 minutes for them to take the stage. A tad bit too long for me.

Then the lights went out and all was forgotten. Head banging commenced. Sex Type Thing nearly decapitated me.

We ended the night back at the Blue Monkey for a night cap. I'm a little hangy today. Oh well!

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