Friday, January 02, 2009


Morning came too quick after the 7 caipirinhas. We were all cranky at 6:00 am. Luciano scooped us at 7:00 am and we were off to Buzios. As you can see, we almost slept the entire 3 hours drive.

We arrived at our pousada around 10:30.

We immediately went out to the deck area. It was quite a view.

Then we met Monique. As you can see, her life is so rough, she has to sleep on the couch in the lobby.

It was sprinkling when we arrived so we decided to head into town and get a bite to eat and shop. We settled on pizza.The pizza was to die for. We had roasted red peppers on one side with onion. It was so awesome.

Weenie got gnocchi. The red sauce might be the best I've ever had.

After shopping we decided it was time for some cocktails. We walked down the boardwalk and settled on a little bar that overlooked the ocean.

In Brazil, they don't have juices as mixers. So, you can't order a cranberry and vodka. You pick your fruit and your alcohol. Here, we all ordered Absolut and pineapple. The bartender took a pineapple, peeled it, put it in a shaker with some sugar and mashed it up. Then he poured vodka until his arm was tired and then poured it into a high ball glass. Delicious!

That night we decided to have Thai food. Luciano had recommended this place. He did not disappoint.

Weenie ordered sake and it came in a box.

I stepped outside to get a snapshot of the sunset.

My dish was so great that I could not stop eating it.

Then next morning when we woke up it was sunny. We went down for some breakfast. Here is the view from the dining room.

Time for the beach! We had rented a jeep to get us around so we loaded it up and headed to João Fernandinho Beach. We walked down and chose an umbrella.

Banana daiquiri.The chairs and umbrella were free if we agreed to eat at their cafe. While we were sunbathing, our server brought out the catch of the day for us to choose from. We chose the red grouper (in the middle).

While waiting on lunch to be prepared, Mooey and I went snorkeling. The water was very clear and we saw all kinds of things.

Mooey took my camera out by herself and snapped this giant blowfish! He is so cool!

View from our table.Here is the grilled grouper. It was unbelievable.

Then it was back to sunbathing.

Weenie took a spill, but as you can see, the beer was saved.

Beer was served in large bottles and they came with these sleeves that kept them cold until you finished.

Mooey and I were sick the entire trip. Here is a smattering of our meds.

We got dressed for dinner and went back to our favorite bar BarDoze for more drinks. We walked down our steps to the boardwalk.
This lovely lady was on our door to the stairs.

Mooey ordered a passion fruit drink. It was tasty.

We decided on Italian for the night.

We had an eggplant and pepper appetizer. Yummy.

I had lobster and noodles. Delicious!

The next day was rainy again so we went into town for lunch. We found this little place that had empanadas. The lady there didn't speak any English and we finally figured out what the filling was for the most part. I was afraid it might be something weird but it was beef and chicken. They were really good.

We watched the weather and it was still overcast but we wanted to snorkel again. Mooey wanted to go to this secluded beach called Azeda Beach. So up a steep hill we go with the snorkel equipment. Poor Weenie had the task of carrying it. The hill was straight up and never ending. Finally, we reached the pinnacle and began walking down.

This yucca plant was over 10 feet tall!
We finally figured out that in order to get to the beach, you had to walk down this tiny treacherous muddy path. After risking our lives, we made it to the beach. As you can see, it was pretty deserted. Mooey and I suited up and snorkeled for about 30 minutes. It was pretty cold and the visibility was bad so we gave up. Then we had to walk all the way back up the mountain.

It was Thanksgiving night so we decided to go to the most popular restaurant. It's called David's.
I ordered a sausage appetizer.

Mooey order kale soup.

I ordered a fish called Dorado. It was delicious.

Mooey ordered a seafood medley. If you look closely in the middle of the plate, you can see the suckers on the octopus. No thank you!

We headed back to the room after doing a little more shopping. We had to get up at the crack again to catch a plane to Salvador.

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