Monday, January 12, 2009

Morro de Sao Paulo

Roberto came and picked us up from the pousada at 7:00. We drove to the airport and we took our bags to the chartered plane. We could carry clothes for 2 days. The rest of our luggage had to stay behind. We were only allowed 35 pounds each.

We took a shuttle to a tiny airstrip.

The plane was made when I was in high school.

The view was spectacular.

Mooey got to ride in the cockpit.

We landed in a coconut grove.

Our guide, Danny, was there to pick us up. He barely spoke English. There are no cars on Morro because the island is so tiny. They carry your luggage in wheel barrows. We walked through several beaches before we arrived at our pousada.

The garden surrounding our room was unbelievable.

Coconut trees everywhere.

We immediately put on our swimming togs and hit the beach.

This guy is cooking cheese over charcoal. In his left hand is a fan so he can make the coals hot. The cheese is in the other hand. He sprinkled it with oregano. It was so good we had several.

Our waiter kept the drinks coming!

Mooey bought us these hats. LOVE!

Then it was time for snorkeling!

Tiny blowfish.Check out the pink and turquoise snail in the shell. I watched it for a long time moving along the ocean floor.

This is some kind of weird sea star and a shrimp is on the right.

Mooey found these shrimp and dove down to snap some pictures.

This is the eel I saw. It scared the shit out of me.

Mooey went snorkeling the last morning and saw this crab.

Our waiter brought us lunch. He set up a table for us. On the plate is three lobsters, dorado and a bunch of shrimp. Yummy!

Here is Mooey trying out the Acai berry dessert. We did not like it.

A group formed and started playing music on the beach.

We also saw guys and girls performing capoeira. It's half dancing and half martial arts.

We went back to the room and Weenie had a nap in the hammock. It was really rough for us.

Then drinks!

Mooey was in the room when she told me to go grab my camera. She said there was a rabbit outside our room. I did not believe her until I saw her petting it!

Then I looked up and saw this parrot!

This banana tree was next to our room. I've never seen a bundle of bananas on a tree like this.

We ran into an American that lived in Morro. We asked her where we could get authentic Salvadorian food and she gave us directions to this place.

I ordered some kind of fish and Weenie ordered chicken stroganoff. She loved it! There was so much food.

Mooey finally got her moqueca.

After dinner we were in a coma. We did some shopping as it was our last night in Brazil. We passed a fruit stand that made drinks. I saw some things I'd never seen. Look at the yellow things in the middle. Those brown things on top are cashews! No wonder they cost so much. Only one cashew per fruit.

The next morning we had our last breakfast.

We gazed out at the ocean one last time.

Then Danny came and retrieved us. We walked to the pier where we were catching a catamaran back to Salvador.

We all took Dramamine because I get seasick and they were scared of getting sick. It was a good thing because the ocean was very rough that day. Not that I would know.

Weenie went out front to snap this picture of Salvador. It was dangerous up there because there were no ropes or rails! It was crazy.
So, we took a boat to Salvador. Then a plane to Rio. Then a plane to Miami. Then a plane to Memphis. To say I was tired when I finally arrived would be an understatement.

Brazil was a trip of a lifetime. I leared a lot about the Brazilian culture and the snorkeling was amazing.


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