Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas in NYC Day 1

Our first morning began with breakfast at our favorite diner, Pier 72. The same waitress has waited on us every time I've ever been there and she has the thickest Bronx accent. This year she wanted to know where her ribs were!

We caught a cab to 5th Avenue. Here's St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Self portrait in front of the grossly huge Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

Ice rink.
Then we entered the building to go to the top.

$20 later we went up 67 floors in the elevator. I took less than a minute. They had a little light show as we went up.

Once we got off the elevator, they made us pose for a picture in hopes we would bu it. We did.The view was stunning.

We caught a cab to Little Seoul/Koreatown for lunch.

We settled on Korean BBQ. They sat us down and we ordered ribeye and pork. They opened up the table and put in wood and then put the meat on. It cooked right in front of us.

After eating, we went shoe shopping in Herald's Square. I bought a pair of shoes and then we caught a cab back to the apartment. It was time for a little nap before dinner with Mooey's parents.

We headed to Amsterdam for dinner at La Vela.

I ordered the linguine with shrimp with pesto. It was terrible. It was like Chef Boyardee or something. Everyone's food was bad. The wine and company however were great.

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