Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas in NYC Day 3

Today was our food tour with Myra at NoshWalks. Here she is with one of the Australians on the tour. Our first stop was a Columbian bakery.
Myra purchased this Cholado for us to share. It was so fucking good. The bananas were probably the best ones I've ever had. Plus there was pineapple and mango and melon in condensed milk and passion fruit syrup. It was freezing outside but that didn't stop us from almost eating the entire frozen drink.
We noticed these mannequins in the window as we walked to the next food stop. My these ladies look a little top heavy.

Our next stop was the Uruguayan restaurant. Myra went up the counter and bought a container of ceviche. We ate it on the street as well. This was by far the best ceviche I've ever had and I think it was the best thing I ate on the tour.

Here is Mooey drinking a diet grapefruit drink. It was actually quite tasty. She bought it at an Argentinian butcher shop.

Next stop was an Equadorian bakery/deli.
She ordered this roll up. It was awesome. That hot sauce on the right was a little spicy but not too bad. We gobbled it up and went on the the next stop.

As we were walking we saw a street vendor cooking kabobs and arrapas (fried corn patties). They were so yummy!

Then we went to this little bakery and she got a variety of desserts.

(Scary nails!)
Below is a picure of the Australians. Notice Stan's gigantic coat. I could fit my entire body in his hood.

Fortune teller.

Finally, we arrived at an Equadorian restaurant and went in and got a table. Myra ordered a bunch of food off the menu and we all shared it. It was pretty good. They had some of the same hot sauce as the place where we got the roll up. So, I took a huge spoonful and put it all over my chicken. It was hot as fuck. OMG, I thought I might have to go to the hospital. About the same time, Mooey said "Uh, what's up with the hot sauce?". I had to try and get it off my chicken. It was literally the hottest shit I've ever eaten.

Toasted corn.
Pork tamale.

Please note the giant radio he's carrying around that has his music playing.

We left there stuffed. I couldn't eat one more thing. We crossed the street and saw a large crowd gathered. There was this guy and he had a doll attached to his feet and big speakers blaring music. I took a short video before we moved on.

I thought we were done but we stopped and bought one of these things. It was sort of like a funnel cake but they topped it with red stuff, then orange stuff, and then white stuff. I have no idea what the stuff was but it all tasted like sugar.

After this, we boarded the subway and headed back to Manhattan. We walked to the apartment for a nap. Around 8:00, we headed to Land for some Thai food. It was really good but too nice to snap any pics.


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BT Cassidy said...

Cool, a tour that involves eating great food and a blog that tells me what I already knew- Drinking aint easy (but I try)- It's great to see such a distinctive voice and style in a blog.