Thursday, January 03, 2008

University of Memphis Tigers

Saturday, the 29th, we met at the Blue Monkey. Bacon and Meredith had watched our cats over Christmas and we had presents for them. Mooey had procured tickets to the big game at the Forum and we were having pregame beers.

We arrived on Beale Street around 8:30. It was crazy. The Liberty Bowl had just finished and there were football fans everywhere.

Mooey had tickets on the 10th row, but my mother had friends on the 3rd row. There were 2 empty seats next to her so we sat there. As you can see, we were super close.

Then the lights went out.

Cheerleaders!$8 beer.
Derrick Rose shooting a free throw.

Weenie had dropped us off so after the 3rd quarter we called her and she came and scooped us. We went to meet everyone at Mary's. There we were treated to a Karn dance to Fleetwood Mac. Please notice the video screen in the background.

It was dead at Mary's so we returned to the Monkey. Ryan Peel was playing and he's awesome!

While we were there, we were surprised to see Justin! He used to be in Breaking Point but has since left and is now with 12 Stones. They just got off tour with Daughtry and are heading out soon with 3 Doors Down. He's such a nice guy and we haven't seen him in a while. Weenie used to work with him.

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