Monday, March 03, 2008

Downtowning It

On Thursday, we headed downtown to housesit at Nikki and Renee's house AKA the petting zoo. Here are the pets.


Bella (in total love with me)

After tending to the herd, we went down to G.E. Patterson street for dinner at Harry's Detour. It was pretty empty but we forged ahead. We'd never been before.

We ordered this shrimp appetizer which had the sauteed shrimp on chewy croutons with remoulade. Delicious! Weenie ordered the Chicken Newport. It's chicken strips with mushrooms in a lemon and caper sauce. It was really tasty!
We ordered the appetziers before our entrees and I had intended on ordering a steak but this was the last night for this particular menu and there was no steak in the house. So, I opted for Shrimp Bangkok. As you can see, it was bursting with shrimps. The sauce was a Thai curry and it was spicy. Also, mango, red and yellow bell peppers and bamboo shoots on top of angel hair pasta. Simply great! After stuffing ourselves, we walked across the street to the Cheese Cake Corner. Inside it was bustling and we waited our turn to pick out a piece to carry home. They had about 20 to choose from and I picked caramel chocolate chunk. Weenie picked cherry (yuck!) because she knew she wouldn't have to share.Here is a scale shot so you can see how freaking big the pieces are. Needless to say, it was divine and I could only eat half of it. I saved the rest for later.I went out on the patio for a smoke when I saw this blimp UFO in the sky! I yelled for Weenie but she just rolled her eyes.
Saturday, we went back to G.E. Patterson to eat at the famous Arcade Restaurant. It's a happening breakfast spot. Weenie got the french toast and I opted for an omelet. The french toast was heavenly. The powdered sugar put it right over the top!
After a picnic on the deck from Miss Cordelia's we packed up. We met Weenie's brother, DP, at Calhoun's Sports Bar. We had beers and watched the Tigers beat up on Southern Miss.

Me and Milli (also in love with me!)


AskALesbian said...


Listen. I am serious. You better start getting paid to write these restaurant reviews, or at least have the meals comped. Your pictures are great too. Cell phone shots? They look too nice.

Also, animal lover that I am, I enjoyed the pics of the animals.

best regards!

hoo hoo said...


I use a Nikon Coolpix 6. See the story here.

Thanks for stopping by! I wish I could get paid for eating food! That would be a dream come true!