Friday, March 21, 2008

Harry's Detour

Weenie and returned to Harry's Detour for another fabulous dinner. We ordered this appretizer. It's called Chaurice Diablo. The slaw was sweet instead of sour and really added to the dish. I ordered the pork chop. It was in a BBQ sauce that was spicy and had been pan seared. There was a nice crust on the outside and it was cooked medium. Absolute perfection.
Weenie ordered the Tilapia in a tomato butter sauce. The southwestern polenta was to die for and I kept trying to steal bites off her plate.

After stuffing ourselves, we went to Old Zinnie's for beers. Slick and Karn met us up there.

Then I got a call from Mooey saying she was having an impromptu kitchen party and to go get beer and come over. We got the check and got beer. When we arrived, there were about 10 people already dancing in the kitchen.

Mooey kicked us out at 1:30.

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