Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Last week, we finally made it to Alcenia's Restaurant down in the pinch district.

Here is a painting of Alcenia. All the recipes are hers.

Notice Ghetto Aid. We didn't try any but I wanted to. I stuck with the sweet tea which was plenty sweet!
I ordered fried chicken, green beans and cabbage. OMG, the chicken was so juicy and had a good scald on it. The cabbage and green beans were both spicy and had a caribbean feel to them. Everything was delicious. I cannot wait to go back!


damon said...

I wonder if 'ghetto aid' is available in handy to-go pouches?

O.K. I'll bite, I gotta know, why is it called the 'pinch' district?

hoo hoo said...


The area was originally known as Pinch-Gut, a seemingly derisive term that referred to the area’s starving Irish immigrants who were so thin that their stomachs were pinched by their belts.

I just learned this myself when I looked it up. A little history lesson for me!


Anonymous said...

Like your blog. I am from Memphis
where in the pinch is this?

hoo hoo said...

Across the street and down a little from Westie's (North End).