Monday, March 10, 2008

White Death 2008!

On Friday, the culmination of a weeks worth of weather reports came true. We got snow! 6 inches of snow! It rarely snows here and when it does, the city shuts down. Everyone runs to the supermarket to get milk and bread. Weenie and I left work early and battened down the hatches at home. That included pajamas and rotel.

This was taken from my car on my way home.

Here's Weenie in the front yard around 3:00.

Booger has never seen snow before. She's astonished!

Now she's mad at me for poking her.

Weenie snapped this Saturday morning while I was still sawing logs. She's an early riser.

Not knowing Weenie had taken some pics, I stuck my head out the door and took this one. 6 inches I tell ya!

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