Friday, May 02, 2008

Orlando Day 1

The Thursday after my birthday, Weenie, Mooey and I boarded a plane to Orlando. I had bronchitis and almost canceled the trip. I had been sleeping every second I could the whole week after my birthday in preparation for the trip. I had bought Weenie the plane ticket for her birthday and we were both looking so forward to going to see Andy and Pete that I didn't want to let anyone down. So, I rallied.

Once we landed I think I looked gray. I was beat. Plus, I had coughed so much, I had torn a muscle in my side and I had to hold it tight every time I coughed. Then I would scream. Super fun! I tried not to complain too much but I'm a brat.

Anyway, Andy picked us up at the airport and we headed to her house. She had Crown Royal ready for us. I hadn't eaten anything all day as I had no appetite. I had a whiskey drink (because whiskey cures all) and a bag of chips before I hit the hay. I had had it. The rest of the clan stayed up and drank.

The next morning we suited up in our swimming trunks and got in the truck. Andy lives on Lake Ajay which is connected to Lake Tohopekaliga (Lake Toho for short). We loaded the boat and set off for a day of beer drinking and sun bathing. I was still feeling like shit but drank anyway. Whoops!

The day was absolutely stunning. All the trees have Spanish moss. I love it.

Mooey applying sunscreen.

Andy had packed us a lunch of chicken wings. OMG, they were so good.

We decided we needed a bloody mary so we docked and got a table on the deck of Crabby Bill's.

It looks like Kool-Aid, but it's not.

Then it was back on the boat for fun.

Mooey took over the driving for a minute and decided we needed to go fast!

Then it was time to swim. The water was a little cold so I stayed in the boat.

After everyone got buzzy, Mooey and Andy had a beer fight. It was quite amusing.

The captain was roughing it.

We loaded the boat up around 7:00. As you can see, my face is a little sunburned. We got back to Andy's and changed. Then it was Patron time! Can you see the Kiss shot glass I'm using?
Here is a picture of the lanai. The mosquitos are bad so the screens keep them out. It's quite pleasant!
More tequila.
Andy is making some point with her pointer.

Weenie and Pete cooked up steaks and corn on the grill. As you can see, Weenie has caught the husks on fire!

After dinner, Pete lit up a stogie and Weenie decided she needed a toke. I'd had all I could take after the giant steak I ate and I headed to bed around 10:30. I'm not sure what time everyone else turned in.

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