Monday, May 05, 2008

Orlando Day 2

Saturday morning I arose around 10:00. That cough medicine really puts me out. Pete, Andy and Mooey had already left to go swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. Andy had left us directions to Cocoa Beach. I couldn't wait to see the ocean.

We found our way easily and parked and got us a spot on the sand. The surf there was much different than in Destin. It was way rougher and there were a bunch of surfers.

Here is an attempt to take a self portrait of me and Weenie. My arm is not long enough. See the edge of Weenie's hat?

The day was absolutely beautiful.

We were getting hungry around 3:30 and I'd had enough sun. I was baking. So, we got in the truck and set about looking for food. All of the sudden I screamed, "There's the Harley place!"

Weenie turned the truck around and went inside. I decided it was best if I stayed in the truck. Cocoa Beach kind of had some scary people around and they might not have taken to a blue haired lesbian.

Weenie scored a shirt and asked the girl inside where to eat. We were famished. She told us which street to turn on and we finally found a parking place. We stopped at the first place we saw and it was called Shuckleberry Fin's. I cannot make this up and said the name thousands of times over the course of the night.

We ordered much needed bloody marys. They were really spicy and went down so well, we had 3 each! Hollar!

We also ordered boiled shrimp and a mahi mahi sandwich. The food was just okay but the drinks made up for it.

We arrived back at the house around 6:30. Everyone changed and we went to dinner. There is a little place in St. Cloud called The Catfish Place.

Check out the lovely painted mural on the wall!

Andy and Pete!

I ordered the fried shrimp. No one could eat all this.

Then back at home, it was time to shoot whiskey.

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