Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ardent's 40th Anniversary Party

Monday, October 30th, was the 40th anniversary for Ardent. Since Weenie works there, she was already at the party. I met Mooey and Hoops behind Graffiti Graphics and we walked across the street.

It was a big spread. A giant tent with tables everywhere. We immediately went to the keg and filled our cups up with Shiner Bock. We found a table just outside the big tent where we could smoke without bothering people. Nikki and Ben walked over and joined us at the table. Nikki had to leave (shocking) but not before having some free wine and shrimp.

Check out the cake...

After the mayor spoke and gave out a note on Beale Street to John Fry, the Ardent Allstars took the stage to play songs recorded at Ardent.

I'm not sure how many beers I had but we got tired of standing and went next door to the Blue Monkey. I was pretty drunk. My friends Jeff and Paul Mark were there. I love hanging out with those guys. Every picture I take of Jeff, he tries to make the worst expression. See?

We closed the Monkey down and went home around 3:00. Neat.

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