Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving on the Beach

After eating Thanksgiving at my aunt's in Cordova, Weenie and I jumped in the Volvo and headed to Gulf Shores. We'd never been before and didn't know what to expect. I mean, we are veterans of Destin, but I've always heard that Gulf Shores just isn't as good. My dad had a condo booked on the beach and invited us to come. Like I would say no to the beach, even in November!

I kept watching the forecast and they were saying 75 and sunny the 3 days we were going to be there so we packed our swimming togs and off we went.

It only took us 6.5 hours which was a pleasant surprise. My dad and his new wife were still at the Pink Pony Pub so we went there instead of the condo. Weenie and I had a couple of beers but we were beat and we headed to the condo to eat a sammy and get some sleep.

The condo was awesome. Brand new with flat screens everywhere and stainless steel appliances. Sweet!

The next morning was beautiful. My dad said I wish there was a cloud in the sky so there would be something to complain about.

As you can see, this place is just as nice as Destin. It's just closer and less expensive. We all suited up and headed to the beach. It was around 75 and gorgeous.

The wind wasn't blowing and it was hot. The water, however, was very cold. I got in about calf high to try and take some pictures of the dolphins. As you can see, all I got was a fin!

We went up around 3:00 because it was getting a little chilly. We laid around and sat on the patio. Then showered and headed out to eat. Dad was taking us to Lulu's because they have great crab claws and Weenie loves them.

It was packed when we arrived so we headed to the bar. Beers were purchased. We waited about 45 minutes (ridiculous). Finally we were seated. There was a band playing and they played a Lynyrd Skynyrd medley. I swear. My dad then reminded me I was in Alabama. During the Sweet Home Alabama part of the medley, this table behind us kept chanting ROLL TIDE ROLL in the chorus. It was quite a treat.

Anyway, the claws arrived and they looked divine. Here's a before shot.

Here's a shot 10 minutes later.

As you can see from this picture, I was a lobster. The sunburn put me down and I was ready for bed at 8:00. So was everyone else.

The next morning, my Dad and June left and we had the whole place to ourselves. Weenie made breakfast and then we loaded up the cooler and headed back to the beach. It was another beautiful day but once we got down to the ocean, we realized the wind was blowing about 35 mph. It was pretty warm but the wind made it chilly. We went for a walk to collect shells. They were everywhere.

Here's Weenie looking at her collection.

We went back to the condo at 2:00. It was too windy. The beers were flowing as we sat on the patio for further sunbathing.

Around 4:30 we headed down for the sunset.

Then we were off to Mikee's for dinner. We got the BBQ shrimp appetizer. It was so good!

After dinner, we went back to the Pink Pony Pub because we didn't know where else to go. It's a little scary but Weenie and I like a little scary. We got our Bud Light in tall boys and Weenie sang 4 karaoke songs. They loved her. I heard Turn the Page 3 times by 3 different guys and several Lynyrd Skynyrd songs. We left there around 12:00. We had to drive back the next day.

After sleeping until 9:00, we loaded up and washed sheets. We went for one last walk on the beach. It was another spectacular day and the beach was deserted. Weenie and I walked hand-in-hand and it was nice.

On the way out, we stopped at Steamer's for lunch. I was shocked when Weenie ordered crab claws again. This time they were steamed. She was excited! I ordered the grilled (not) grouper po boy. They were both outstanding.

As you can see, the piece of grouper was gigantic. It hung over the hoagie about an inch on all sides. Weenie had to help me with it. Here's a shot of the delicious steamed crab claws.

We left the restaurant, said goodbye to the ocean and headed back to Memphis. It was sad. Work is stupid.

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