Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Today, my coworker insisted I try Super Submarine Sandwich Shop on Highland next to Whatever. I've heard raves about this place for years but have been a little wary. I mean, they serve sandwiches and Chinese food. I'd also heard that you better know what you are ordering because the owner would yell at you.

We arrived and I was a little afraid I would get screamed at and convinced Carrie to order for both of us. I decided I wanted turkey and ham with mustard and pickles only. It was packed so we had to wait in a long line. We noticed on the wall that today's special was the Super Sub. It boasted lunch meat(?), bologna, salami and ham. We both decided to go for that since it was on sale. Finally, it was our turn. I had picked out 2 bags of chips for us and I was standing next to Carrie while she ordered. He handed me a cup for my drink and as I moved to the drink counter he yelled "ONLY ONE BAG OF CHIPS!". It startled me and threw her bag at her. Freak out.

The sandwiches arrived in about 4 seconds and Carrie immediately started to dissect hers. I didn't dare look. I had them add Italian dressing to mine. I had eaten half my sandwich by the time she asked what I though each piece of meat was. Do you think this is the lunch meat or is this the lunch meat? There was one piece of something that I could not identify. The Italian dressing was spoiled or something because it tasted really sour. All in all, it truly sucked. Better luck next time.

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