Monday, November 13, 2006

Drunk at the One More

After watching Tennessee get their balls handed to them by Arkansas, we needed a change of scenery. 4 hours at the Bayou can get to you. Mooey, Hoops, DP, Weenie and I had ass rot. After naming and disqualifying around 10 bars, we decided to go to the One More.

We arrived within 5 minutes and watched DP's car cruise onto the house. He's not a big fan of the One More. We departed 5 minutes after arrival and once again asked ourselves "Why are we here?". It's really fun in the summer because the deck is so big. Plus, with only 4 of us in tow, it just wasn't that amusing. So, we put a call into Dyna and found out they were at a party we had initially nixed.

We loaded up and headed over to the party. It was packed. We said hello to the hosts and took up residence around the fire pit. We stayed at the party for about 2 hours and were tired of freezing so a few of us thought it was a good idea to go back to the One More at 12:30. I finally remembered the camera. So, here's a few shots of some super drunkenness at 4:00 am. Enjoy!

Look at Weenie's friend over her left shoulder. The One More decor is so posh.

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