Monday, October 01, 2007

Greece Day 2!

I woke up rested (not so much for the other 2) and Weenie had been to the convenience story for some "breakfast". This included chips, cookies and some chocolate filled croissants. They were all good.
We quickly put on our swimming clothes and headed to the beach. It was a one minute walk.

The Americans in front of us asked for my camera and snapped this for us.

Hi banana daquiri!We agreed to eat at this taverna in exchange for free chairs on the beach. It was a fair deal.

We seated ourselves so we would have this incredible view. We all ordered pizzas.

After I finished eating, I ordered my first Ouzo of the trip.

This is a view from the beach of our hotel.After eating Mooey and I snorkeled. We are geeks.

We headed back to the pool to finish off sunbathing. Two kittens had taken up residence with their mother right next to the pool. They were so cute!

View from pool of the Aegean.

Ouzo # 2 from the pool bar.Then wine.Mooey had a margarita...with lemons.

Then we went to dinner with a couple from Chicago.

Mooey got clams with sand.

I had the pork souvlaki.After dinner, we asked for the check. It never came. We were beginning to realize this was a common occurrence in Greece. They like their tables to stay full. So instead of the check, they brought out free shots of the now dreaded Mastika. The waiter poured us five shots and then left the bottle at the table. Big mistake. I think I had about 5 shots. He should NOT have left that bottle at my table!

We finally obtained the check and went next door to Blue Myth for a night cap. This picture was taken about one minute before Mooey put her head down on the bar.

One more Ouzo for me and then off to bed.

We had to be up early to catch the ferry to Paros the next day. Wait until you see what kind of shape we were in!

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