Thursday, October 11, 2007

Greece Day 5

The night before at the hotel bar, we'd asked Dora which Mykonos beach we should go to on our last day. She told us Paraga was nice and not as crowded as Paradise and Super Paradise. We were going to take a taxi but the front desk suggested we take the water taxi instead. It was much cheaper.

So, we gathered all our stuff and walked down to the water taxi. It was packed of course and we had to sit underneath. Thanks for the view.

We jumped off the boat and headed to the chairs. There wasn't many people on the beach and the ones that were there were naked. OOOOkkkkkaaaaayyyyyy! Mostly, it was guys in their 50's and 60's. No thank you.

We got on the first row of chairs. The view was awesome!

As soon as we sat down, Mooey was putting on her snorkel gear. I decided to lay in the sun before I put on my snorkel set. Mooey went in and immediately surfaced and told me to bring her a camera. She'd seen an octopus!! I ran the camera out there but it was long gone. I was furious I'd missed it. I immediately put on my mask and went to look for the octopus. The snorkeling here was unbelievable! There was a huge reef right out from our chairs and fish galore!

After a while, we decided to get some lunch. There was a place right up from the chairs. I was happy they had sandwiches. I ordered a plain ham and cheese. I'd had enough meatballs. It was tasty. Weenie and Mooey ordered $10 beers. I had a Coke.

There was a guy at the restaurant with his iguana. Later, I saw it swimming in the water on it's leash. Then he took him and let him sun on top of the umbrellas.

There was a big rock just out from the beach that was quite popular for nude sunbathing. Later in the day, when the beach got crowded, half the beach was naked. There were some stunning women walking around without tops. Thank goodness for sunglasses!

We laid out and snorkeled the whole day. It was so great. The visibility was 100%! Unfortunately, our camera skills weren't that great.

Look in the center of the picture. There's a flat fish laying on the ocean floor.

We saw the water taxi approaching at 4:30 and we gathered our stuff up quickly. The boat wasn't very crowded so we decided to take the early one. I was glad because I saw the 5:30 boat and it was overflowing.

Once we got back to the hotel, we went to visit the other pool we had just found out about. There was also a bar. Mooey ordered a mojito and we had beers.

The bar was closing so we went to the room to shower. We were going into Mykonos town for dinner and shopping. We were going to take a cab ($15) but the bartender talked us into taking the bus. It was only $1.20 each. So, at 6:30 we went out to the front of the hotel to wait on the bus.

There was quite a crowd waiting and I was worried about us all fitting. Weenie leaned over and said, "That guy over there is famous." I looked at him and he did look familiar. We all stared and finally Weenie said it was Jim Dial from Murphy Brown. His wife also looked familiar but we couldn't place her. It wasn't until we were back that we found out it was Vera from Alice. This is the best shot I could get without being obnoxious.

The bartender had told us the name of a restaurant, so as soon as we got off the bus, we started looking for it. We found it relatively easily. It was called Aglio E Olio. There was no one there yet because it was 7:30 but we were starving. The wait staff was incredible here. We let the waiter pick our wine. It was divine.

They brought out these little cookies, parmesan and honey. The honey was the best I've ever tasted. You could actually taste the clover!

I ordered the basil and tomato spaghetti. It was cooked perfectly. Mooey and Weenie both had the spaghetti carbonara with the raw egg in the middle. It was by far the best carbonara I've ever tasted. Unbelievable. We ate ever single noodle on our plates.

After stuffing ourselves, we walked around and shopped. The shopping wasn't that impressive. We bought a couple of watercolors and some magnets. We hoped the shopping in Athens would be better.

We walked back up and waited on the bus. We were beat. We had to get on a plane to Athens the next day and we wanted to be rested.


JesseTheCat said...

Hello,I wish I had half the fun tha you guys have !! Enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

Wow. The pictures are awesome. It just looks dreamy. I want to go to Greece!

Emmy said...

I am soooo jealous these pictures are awesome I wish I was there. (dreaming) :)