Friday, October 19, 2007

Velvet Revolver

On the 9th, Mooey, Weenie and I headed to Southaven, Mississippi to see Slash and Scott perform (we're on a first name basis). We left at 6:00 to avoid the traffic. I'd stopped off and bought a 12 pack so we could tailgate beforehand. Mooey's ankle is still broken and she has one of those temporary handicap stickers. She brought it with her so we pulled into the handicapped parking and it was right at the door. Awesome! They asked if we had any cameras and we said no. I only took it out a few times and had to hide when snapping.

We drank several beers and when the opener stopped, we took our blankets and headed to the grass. We got really good seats because we were so early. Around 7:30 Alice in Chains came on the stage. OMG! They were fucking awesome. Jerry Cantrell is a rock god! When they played Man in the Box, we screamed every word! I got chills several times.

Then we sat and waited. And waited. And waited. Ridiculous. I was ready to go when Velvet Revolver finally took the stage at 9:45. And they kinda sucked. Interstate Love Song was boring and he missed the beginning of Vaseline. I know they have played these songs the entire tour. It wasn't until they started playing their songs that it got better. I'd be sick of singing those other songs too. Anyway, my heart just wasn't in it after AIC blew us away. I'd hate to have to follow that every night.

We left before the encore and headed to the One More. Mel was waiting on us. We played pool and hung out until it was time to go home!

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Stealth said...

My friend works as a contractor for Bayfest in Mobile each year. Her assignment was Alice in Chains & Velvet Revolver's dressing rooms. One of the guys in Velvet Revolver (I have no idea who) took a dump in our blender. It was quite disgusting and my friend had to clean it out for it's reuse the next evening.

Their music rocks and I'll always love Slash but they acted more immature than my 16 year old son and his friends. Seriously...