Monday, October 01, 2007

Greece Day 3/Wrath of Mastika

Our ferry was leaving at 9:25 and we were supposed to be there 20 minutes early so we got up at 7:00 to go eat at the free buffett we'd found out about. No chips and cookies this morning. Needless to say, I was furious with myself for feeling so bad and I hated Mastika. We shuffled to the buffet and we were about the only ones there. It was fucking 7:30 after all.
Here I am with my pleasant self at breakfast. Weenie and Mooey are laughing at how bad I feel. And the hot orange juice isn't making it any better. Greeks aren't into ice it seems.

The good thing about breakfast in Greece is that they like to have cake. Chocolate cake. With eggs. Delicious!We ate quickly and went to the front desk so they could call a taxi. We wanted to be sure and be on time. The cab ride didn't take as long as we anticipated so we ended up being an whole fucking hour early. You can imagine I was imaging that hour could've been used sleeping off Mastika. We all were in sad shape.

We boarded the ferry and went to the top. The sunshine felt good and I was starting to feel better.We passed several islands and finally moored at Paros an hour and 45 minutes later.

We got a taxi right away and headed to Golden Beach. The cab ride was about 30 minutes. We had no idea we were going all the way on the other side of the island. The roads were very twisty and I was a little nervous. Not many guard rails in Greece.

We finally arrived at our destination.

It was pretty deserted when we arrived.

We got the key to our room. They gave us a bigger room since no one was there. Here is Mooey's room, in the kitchen.

And our room.
View from the room.View from the back of our room.We walked down to the snorkeling place to see when we could go out. No one was there so Mooey called them on her cell. We made a date for 3:00. Let's go eat!

Olive trees were everywhere.

The hotel had a restaurant. Good thing, it was the only thing around.

Mooey ordered stewed okra and fava beans.

I ordered the mix grill. Sausage, chicken and lamb patty. The lamb patty almost made me cry it was so good.Weenie had mousaka. It was awesome!We walked down to the beach before our snorkel outing.

That's the snorkel boat in the distance.So, we swam out to the boat and got in. There were 3 of us, plus 2 divers and 2 instructors. It was so cool being in that tiny boat in the Mediterrean. It was so calm it was like being on a lake. The snorkel instructor, Ellen from Nebraska, was cute and very nice.

This is the cave where we snorkeled. We arrived here and they threw out the anchor. Ellen told us beforehand that we would be in this cave where the ceiling had fallen out so the light was real good. She said the water would be between 5 and 8 meters deep. We put on our masks and flippers and I fell in. I looked down and it was VERY deep. I said "oh fuck!". I surfaced and had a minor panic attack. The boat was floating away and I was in 30 feet of water. I told myself to suck it up and got my breathing under control. I then started snorkeling. The clarity of the water was unbelievable. I could see everything on the bottom and it was 30 feet deep. We had underwater cameras but most of them turned out shitty.

Ellen.Underwater pics.Dena didn't last too long snorkeling and instead went back to the boat to mack on Ellen.
We got back and went to dinner. We were beat. After the night before and all the swimming and sun, we were dead. Look at this fucking cheese plate and eggplant dip. That's enough cheese to about 8 people! It was so good!

Chicken souvflaki with tzatziki. It was so good. We went up to the room at 8:00 and I think I was asleep at 8:15.

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