Thursday, October 18, 2007

Greece Day 6

We got up early for breakfast and to lay at the pool before we had to catch our flight. Everyone was in a bad mood because we were leaving. It really sucked. I wanted to take in the view one last time.

We showered and went to the front desk. The van took us to the tiny airport. The wind blows in Mykonos all the time but today it was blowing very, very hard. We were afraid they would cancel the flight. Here's a picture of the tiny prop plane. As we walked out on the tarmac, the wind gusted and knocked me off balance. Uh oh. I was not looking forward to this flight.

The flight was horrific. I'm sure the pilot is used to the winds but i was looking out the window and we kept going on our side. The wings were going up and down. I decided I'd better read instead. We landed safely but not before my eyes almost bugged out several times.

We got our bags in Athens and went outside to find the taxi stand. The taxis were lined up and we got one easily. We'd read that the cabbies were mean but we never encountered any.

The trip to the hotel took about an hour. That's because the traffic in Athens is awful. There are mopeds and motorcycles going in between lanes and it's bumper to bumper. It was a good time to see the city though. I took some random shots of sculptures and of the architecture.

This is made of panes of glass.

We finally arrived at the hotel. We checked in without a hitch and were taken to our room.

Lobby.Bathroom. The shower was open basically. You could swing the door kind of shut but the entire floor would get wet. I guess we didn't know what we were doing.

View of Acropolis from our room.
We ran up to the roof to see the view.

We were starving and wanted to shop so we headed to the Plaka. After the disappointing shopping in Mykonos, we were hopeful for some decent jewelry places.

But first, we needed to eat. We stopped at the first place we saw and sat down outside.

I ordered a gyro and this is what they brought. I thought it was be in one big pita. It was delicious! The tzatziki was so great.

Weenie ordered stewed meatballs. They were very cuminy.

Free shots of course.

Our waiter Chris that took a shine to Mooey.

Off to shop. This jewelry store had some really good stuff. We all bought something.

Mooey and Weenie's rings!

My pendant.

We shopped and shopped and then made our way back to our hotel. We passed by the same taverna we ate at earlier and Chris was outside. He made us sit down for more free shots.

We got back to the hotel around 9:00 and wanted to see the Acropolis from the roof again. Also, there's a picture of the pool.

We went to bed early because we were ascending the Acropolis in the morning and we needed all of our energy!

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